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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 25, 2017 8:00am-8:34am AST

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that's what people expect of us and that's what i think we really do well. on counting the cost germany's outlook it's europe's largest manufacturing economy but is it in the slow lane when it comes to the digital economy we'll talk to swiss re about it shoring for climate change plus can we stop companies from using our internet data without. counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera. with. the. voters queue up in iraq's northern kurdish region where polls have just opened for a controversial independence referendum. he said ok you're watching al-jazeera life from my headquarters here in doha also
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coming up a fourth term for the german chancellor angela merkel but she does face a very different column inches the far right make significant gains. it's a month since the beginning of the latest range of crisis will be live in cox's bazaar where hundreds of thousands of now taken refuge. donald trump adds north korea chad and venezuela to the list of countries whose nationals face a u.s. travel back. polls had just opened for a controversial independence referendum in iraq's northern kurdish region about five million killed kurds are eligible to vote in the non-binding poll it's being fiercely opposed by iraq and its neighbors amid fears the outcome could further destabilize the entire region voters will be polled in the provinces of the hook so them and the bill and. they're the areas that are officially under the control of
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the kurdish regional. but disputed areas outside ministration are also voting that includes the multi-ethnic and oil rich province of kirkuk that is further angered the government in baghdad which along with iran turkey and syria all opposed the vote they fear an independent kurdish state could fuel for the separatism among their own kurdish populations seen here in orange the u.s. is also against the vote calling it provocative and destabilizing the u.n. has issued a similar warning let's take you live now to bill and our correspondent tracking the poll. to turn out like so far. actually opened up about. earlier we so. ballot but the very very early minutes. voting day there are some people
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already. going to make their way about five thousand voters registered. region more than three million if you add the disputed. commission will tell you that the total number of potential voters would be more than five million. voters would come in so this is basically the first vote. they registered and then they come here. on this ballot you have. in kurdish and no and then you have that. in three different languages kurdish and on top of that you have it in arabic which is the language of the christian minority. behind these boxes for secrecy and then he would come to this first point his finger in this purple to make sure
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nobody comes to vote and then finally put his ballot box. if it gets what they warm all the people who are pro independence obviously they are apparently on the same page but after the vote what are the chances of fractures split amongst those different people well after the vote i think everybody is expecting very tough negotiations whether it is with the central government in baghdad and also within the various political factions here in the kurdish region i mean everyone will tell you that the idea of a kurdistan state is one shared by all kurds but there have been some political disagreements among the various factions for example the second strongest party in the region was against holding this referendum now saying that they are other priorities at the moment for example the economy for example political unity among the kurdish faction military unity among the kurdish factions because you have to
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bear in mind that the kurdish region has traditionally been divided between two parties each having their strongholds. each having their political parties each having their military and their own intelligence so some people are a bit worried that they will be some tough negotiations between the two sides especially that really just yesterday still president masoud barzani was holding talks with these various political factions some worried about the vote in the disputed territories trying to maybe cancel that at the moment in the end they all came out and showed a little show of unity and said that the vote will go ahead even in kirkuk which is maybe the most difficult place to hold that vote at the moment but after that they will be some political bickering for sure and talking about those disputed areas i mean you mentioned kirkuk that the demographics the the different blend of people
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that was one of the big issues and they've only just managed to say yes kirkuk will be part of this. well you had in this case which is the main one but you have a whole string of town and villages that the kurds have taken control of after the iraqi army pulled out in the wake of really the. ice now what is going to happen is that people in those disputed territory many of them live in camps because those places are completely destroyed when you speak to them they'll say oh well we will say yes because you get the feeling that they have no other choice they are thankful to the kurds because the kurds have provided shelter and security for them but many would tell you will tell you we are part of the minorities desis christians sunni arabs and they would tell you we don't really have a say in all this conversation what we hope is that we would put our support put our way to behind the kurds and we hope that our rights will be upheld in
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a future kurdish state thanks very much. the german chancellor angela merkel has won a fourth term in office her victory was widely expected but she will face a very different political landscape when the new bundestag convenes the a.f.d. party is the first far right group to win seats in the german parliament for more than fifty years exit polls projects mrs merkel center right christian democratic union have won just under thirty three percent of the vote giving them two hundred thirty eight seats their main rival and current coalition partner the center left social democrats led by martin schulz got around twenty percent of the vote or one hundred forty eight seats but the biggest change to the german political landscape is this the far right anti islam alternative for germany a.f.d.
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getting thirteen percent of the vote translates into ninety five seats the three other main parties won between nine and eleven percent of the vote but could find themselves in power as part of a coalition dominic cain now from berlin. a moment of celebration for the christian democrats confirmed in first place that for some it was a hollow victory they lost almost one hundred seats in this election so far and good americans will very probably remain as chancellor this is a choice in a moment when that's really what's annoying of course we are facing a huge task. parliament will carry out a profound and i think because we want to win back the voters of the f.t. by solving problems and listening to that and sometimes that's fair but above all through good politics. and there are many of those voters four years ago the far
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right alternative for germany party failed to win any seats in its first federal election campaign this time with an anti refugee anti islam platform. it nearly tripled its vote and will be the third largest party in parliament. yeah my time because we've been given an electoral mandate and we will accept this electoral mandate with humility because millions of voters have given us their trust to carry out constructive opposition work in the german parliament and we will deliver ladies and gentlemen we will deliver. for the social democrats this was a disastrous election martin schulz led them to their worst result since world war two this week he and his party will now form the main opposition in parliament which means angle americal must now trying to form what's called the jamaica coalition after the colors of its national flag taking in the greens and the free democrats a combination that has never been tried at
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a federal level she it looks like and lament is the comfort of a winner but if she really lost significantly and she needs the party what's lost most in this election in comparison to the last election so hopefully the c.d.u. world learned its lesson too that they have to change something because otherwise they will be defeated at the next elections. the first they're democrats if they have the enjoy this and the fact that some of the muslims in this thread might well be told how difficult it will be to form a coalition in the next government the federal government and some members of the far right in that moment and have done have just come from a bank of america little card has there been dancing going to al-jazeera the. protesters have marched in cities across germany against the entry of the far right party into the parliament of this was the scene outside the group's headquarters in berlin following the projected results and in frankfurt demonstrators held placards
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condemning the party's and t. michael policy. u.s. president donald trump has signed off on you travel restrictions on people from eight countries it replaces his original. travel ban on people from six meaning muslim nations the new restrictions are expected to come into effect on october the eighteenth this drill down into the updated travel ban president trumps original restrictions targeted countries the u.s. considered to have poor security they were sudan iran libya syria somalia and yemen now full travel bans have been placed on people from north korea and chad in venezuela restrictions are limited to certain government officials and their families and sudan has been removed from the list leaving eight nations with complete or partial blocks on travel to the u.s. the new restrictions are due to come into effect on october the eighteenth mike hanna following developments from washington. the presidential proclamation follows a global review of airline security senior administration officials say that new
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benchmark requirements were drawn up and then countries around the globe were given fifty days to meet these requirements the vast majority did however the eight countries that are now on the the restricted travel list did not they are chad iran libya north korea syria somalia venezuela and yemen now five of these countries were on the list that expired sunday however that ban will be immediately renewed the new countries on the list including north korea that's travel ban will come into effect on october the eighteenth importantly though each of the restrictions is tailored to the specific country iran for example there will still be pieces permitted for students and exchange visitors in venezuela's case the restriction applies only to certain government members the whole restriction on
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travel will be up for review every one hundred eighty days countries can be added to the list or can be taken off it still to come here on al-jazeera i've never said anything about racism has nothing to do with race or anything else this is a great respect for our country and respect for. our markets a political rally this puts it donald trump against america's most popular sport. the dog was found alive in mexico city giving hope to find more survivors six days after the biggest quake. welcome back no changes at the moment across the levant and western asia we've got
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to highs of about thirty eight to forty degrees for kuwait one of two showers on the southern side of the caspian sea though i think tehran should probably get away with it dry heading on through into choosing sea temperatures probably coming up a little bit for kuwait city there forty four degrees to baghdad still it forty two at that stacey's inside the military and fine still wanted to share as possible over the caucuses and across parts of turkey but generally for beirut in lebanon lots of sunshine highs of twenty eight here in the arabian peninsula is also on the way in the gulf states well the humidity is maybe dropping fractionally i think over next a week or so the temperatures will ease a little bit but usually the humidity remains quite here high here until the first or second week of october on the other side of the peninsula the humidity isn't quite the same sort of issue if i said dry heat highs of forty one imogene on monday on choose day mecca coming in at forty two so let's head across then into africa in southern areas is looking generally fine we have got to this convergence zone still going the risk of some showers across eastern parts of south africa and
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certainly more in the way of cloud where as we head on through into choose day we should find that moving more toward seasonal definite risk for durban but it should be dry in cape town. from the tropics of southeast asia to the feral islands in the far north atlantic when i went east meets the women who crossed the world for love and stayed in changing communities. at this time i doubt his era. al-jazeera. and for you.
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welcome back you with al-jazeera live from doha round of the main headlines the polls have opened for a controversial independence referendum in iraq's northern kurdish region about five million kurds are eligible to vote in the non-binding poll it is being fiercely opposed by iraq and its neighbors but fears the outcome could further destabilize the region. the german chancellor angela merkel has won a fourth term in office the country's general election but the conservative party suffered its worst result in twelve years. the us president donald trump has approved a new travel restrictions on people from eight countries the new order now applies to north korea chad venezuela iran libya somalia syria and yemen. monday marks exactly a month since the range of crisis began in me and mass rakhine state
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a military crackdown has forced many four hundred thirty thousand people to flee to neighboring bangladesh jonah how looks back at the crisis and the humanitarian disaster it's caused. it began on the twenty fifth of august. army reprisals in myanmar that followed attacks by written just read bills sent to thousands fleeing for bangladesh then tens of thousands then hundreds of thousands they arrived with little more than the clothes on their backs in a place that had not much more to offer. some suffered terrible injuries as they ran the gauntlet of gunfire and landmines to cross the border others fled torture sexual violence and random killings by the army and their raco neighbors as their villages were set alight but they were safe at least in bangladesh
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the men mark government of nobel peace prize winner and song suchi continues to deny what the u.n. calls ethnic cleansing by its forces but there is no denying the destruction of the hinge of villages in northern rock and state that have been their homes for generations these are their homes now makeshift shelters on hillsides muddied by the monsoon rains nature too has been unkind to the injured. a shortage of basic sanitation means the ever present risk of disease and aid efforts are only starting to meet their needs. the mixture of needs that are staggering together with the trauma that they carry from having witnessed incredible violence that mixture shock me profound that maybe this is the first the un's refugee chief warns this crisis may be long yes we need to be ready
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for. it's a problem that could last for some time but we also need as the prime minister of bangladesh has said many times we need to invest in a solution to this problem we cannot simply ignore the fact that these people have a right to return. but min ma has never recognized their right to be there nor does bangladesh want the revenger to stay a people made stateless and helpless by the arbitrary borderlines of colonial history. joins us live from cox's bazar journal officially the number of people crossing the border has trickled off to being virtually zero is that what you're seeing where you are. it's not to be honest the bangladesh border guards are making those statements picked up by the agency so that's what you're seeing in the media that seems to be coming from
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official border crossing points we've visited unofficial points there are lots and lots of them across this border the whole water crossing point two days ago we must have seen two hundred people from the just the two hours that we were there on saturday night colleagues of mine at a land crossing point late at night saw thousands they estimated possibly up to ten thousand crossing under cover of darkness saying as they did to us that there are thousands more living rough in the forest hiding beside the beaches trying to find a moment to escape the border guards and military in order to make the crossing as well and you know if you think about it there is still five hundred thousand or more ranger living in iraq kind of states living amongst their rack i voted for him to labor some of whom have been implicated in the violence living among the me and military on patrol in what must be very difficult circumstances for them so i think the possibility certainly must be there that the number that is here in bangladesh
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will grow substantially over time and as for the aid operation it has that now gone into a stage two if you will the people have arrived they've had medical care we assume they've they're getting some food but they've got to be they've got to be allowed to go beyond that now. yes i mean there probably are tests that stage three four or five now because they have to deal with shelter they have to deal with food as you say. issue now is medical needs is sanitation is is preventing water borne diseases like cholera and dysentery that in this sort of population living in these sorts of awful things i'm kind of preconditions no matter how great the aid response is the threat of disease is always going to be there and one outbreak could be absolutely kind of. i think that's where the aid organization is looking at now that is it's urgent focus and they're looking at it over the course of a six month period but i think there must be realizing now i must be preparing for
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a much longer response although they probably can't come out and say that publicly because of course politically the empathies here is on trying to work out a way to find a political solution to allow these people to go journey thanks very much. the u.s. has carrier air strikes on an ice all desert camp in libya killing seventeen fighters it happened on friday two hundred forty kilometers southeast of sirte the coastal city was isis form a stronghold in libya the strikes the first by the u.s. in libya since president trump took office in january the heated argument between donald trump and major sporting stars in the u.s. and their teams shows no sign of abating on sunday several football players sat or knelt ensuring the national anthem a protest of violence against black people in the states can be helped it has more . some knelt on one knee others raised their fists and locked arms as hundreds of american football players in the united states in london pushed back against
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president trump's criticism of their protests during the u.s. national anthem it was a sign of solidarity with other athletes criticized by donald trump since friday for using the athens to protest racial inequality and aggressive policing in the united states would you love to see one of these n.f.l. owners when somebody disrespects our flag to say get that son of a off the field right out this fire. fired on sunday trunk continued his criticism on twitter suggesting fans boycott the national football league and owners fire players who he believes disrespect the country by protesting during the anthem as the n.f.l. players association was quick to put out a response supporting the athletes right to express themselves and demonstrate on the field products walk it was so the process of freedom trumps tirade has been met
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with pushback not just from athletes but also from team owners who have contributed to trump's political campaign or visited the white house in a statement the new england patriots c.e.o. robert kraft said he's deeply disappointed by the president's comments as the debate spiraled members of trump's administration defended the president's comments i think what the president is saying is that the owner should have a role that player should have to stand in respect for the national anthem this isn't about democrats it's not about republicans it's not about race it's not about free speech they can do free speech on their own time the right to protest is protected under the constitution of the united states in two thousand and sixteen quarterback collin capper nick started using his platform to highlight injustice experienced by minorities in american society. the movement has spread to. other u.s. sports leagues saturday catcher bruce maxwell became the first major league baseball player to kneel during the american anthem. and other famous athletes like
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basketball star le bron james have also been speaking out because this guy we've. put in charge has to try to divide us once again the nature of the protests arm precedented and will continue say the athletes until the u.s. overcomes the racial divisions they say persist kimberly how could al-jazeera washington it's been six days since a seven point one earthquake devastated mexico city and the surrounding regions killing more than three hundred people rescue efforts continue for those believed to be still trapped alive under the rubble but thousands more mexicans are without a home al jazeera is hiding joe castro is there. with government estimates of more than a thousand buildings seriously damaged by tuesday's quake in mexico city it's the lucky ones who still have a home. and his wife and daughter escaped only with their lives.
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when we would about to eat then that for all roles like this then because that there was this talk we couldn't get out again to for all rows and it'll open the family is now among the thousands of people staying in shelters many here suffered injuries from the quake but it's the invisible wounds that cause more worry they don't know where they'll go next. morning and yes i'm very nervous very nervous i'm almost in shock. the shelters director says more people will become homeless in the coming days not a. thousand of dealings are still being inspected many more will be demolished. and then there are the hundreds of lost pets that are also in need of shelter volunteers have gathered them in the city park and organized an adoption effort to find these animals temporary homes until they can be reunited
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with their owners think of the neighbor. he doesn't have a collar because he was in the house and escaped he's been lost since that day. while some hope for a happy reunion others are saying good bye this boy is giving up his cat because his family is without a home for a city that suffered so much the loss seemingly small feels unbearable. castro al-jazeera mexico city a mexican court has ruled search and rescue efforts must continue for another five days at a damaged apartment building in the capital it was more one of more than fifty buildings that came there are still signs of hope in mexico city a dog has been found alive under the rubble six days after the quake struck rescuers pulled the animal out from a collapsed apartment building on sunday night to indonesia where of all kanal it has been razed to the highest level more than thirty five thousand people in the
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resort time of bali have been moved to temporary shelters seismologists of on that mount agung volcano could erupt for the first time in fifty years this was a warning people against false reports and videos secularizing online of an eruption the last time it erupted it killed more than eleven hundred people stopped us and is close to the volcano she says ground tremors are being felt often. we here at the nearest observation post to mt are gone but as you can see the mountain is full completely covered in clouds so that makes it even more eerie but focus on a low just here at the observation posts are saying that the the a to fifty of mt algal is increasing by the hour there's been a lot of sex on it quickly actually filed a future surveyor today and also the mock my inside a volcano is being pushed slowly but surely to the surface so the experts here are saying that indeed an eruption is imminent and an eruption here is
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a very dangerous in one hundred sixty three it was seen that it was very explosive for the eruption went straight up. actually killed quite a lot of people here so at the moment everyone as much as possible has been evacuated the most dangerous part are pyro classic klaus material which is really hard which can go up to four or five hundred degrees celsius which travels very fast and burns everything on its way and of course there's also the stream of life are coming from the mountain if it is a wrapping more than sixty thousand people actually living in the vicinity of the crater and into danger zones so they have to leave their houses for many have left already which is different than other full kind of corruption here in indonesia where people are quite reluctant to leave their animals and their houses behind but here people are very serious about this they're very afraid that something really deadly could happen so many are now in evacuation centers so which are scattered
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around this area in the safe zone and a lot of people from bali are actually helping ollie's the evacuees who have basically left everything behind in a hurry. now you have some phenomenal pictures for you to look at. these pictures the aurora borealis the northern lights were taken from the international space station the phenomenon occurs when electrically charged particles in the magnetic field of collide with atoms in the spring. more news on the web site is there for you twenty four seven al-jazeera home will recap the headlines in a minute. there we go here we go top stories so far today the polls have opened for a controversial independence referendum in iraq's northern kurdish region about five million kurds are eligible to vote in the non-binding poll it is being
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fiercely opposed by iraq and its neighbors amid fears the outcome could further destabilize the region the turkish foreign ministry has warned it will take all measures to protect its people if the referendum leads to instability that affects turkish national security. reports now from bill there also tensions within the kurdish region of iraq over this problem everyone with the idea of a kurdistan state is one shared by all kurds but there have been some political disagreements various factions for example the second strongest party in the region was holding this referendum now saying that there are other priorities at the moment for example the economy for example political unity among the kurdish military unity among the kurdish factions because you have to bear in mind that the kurdish region has traditionally been divided between two parties. german chancellor angela merkel has won
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a fourth term in office in the country's general election but she has admitted there will be tough negotiations ahead before she can forge a new coalition her conservative party suffered its worst results in her twelve years in office following a surge in support for the far right a.f.d. party. u.s. president donald trump has signed off on new travel restrictions for people from eight countries that replaces his original travel ban on people from six mainly muslim nations the executive order applies to north korea chad venezuela iran libya somalia syria and yemen sudan has been dropped from the original list the u.s. has carried out air strikes on an eyesore desert camp in libya killing seventeen fighters it happened on friday two hundred forty kilometers southeast of the coastal city was a former stronghold in libya hundreds of people continue to make the border crossing into bangladesh one mom says the start of the ranger crisis the u.n.
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says nearly four hundred thirty thousand refugees have escaped to bangladesh up next it's one of one east across summary for you see them. the world's primary could change producing nations peru is at the forefront of the war on drugs we're talking about serious organized crime as a country where reaching a critical point while some have made fortunes many others have suffered at the hands of this multi-billion dollar industry or thought this business will go on forever it from a change almost global policy is the who are the winners and losers of this illicit trade snow of the andes at this time. the remote windswept vero islands are a world away from tropical southeast asia. but hundreds of asian women are moving to the south park to islands between norway and iceland amid
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a shortage of local women. i'm steve cho on this.


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